Herb Oil

I was originally looking for a way to infuse oil with coriander for the burnt corn sea bream tartare recipe when I discovered this method. Making the oil fresh really does dramatically change the flavour and is a nice way of introducing a herbs to a dish.



  1. Blanch the bunch of herbs in a salted pan of boiling water for 30 seconds
  2. Plunge the herbs straight from the boiling water into a bath of iced water and leave to cool completely
  3. Drain any excess water from the herbs with kitchen roll
  4. Add the herbs and half the oil to a food processor and blend until very fine
  5. Add the salt and remaining herbs and blitz to a fine pulp
  6. Drain the mixture through a muslin into a chilled bowl
  7. Leave the mixture straining overnight to ensure every last drop has strained through the muslin
  8. Transfer to a bottle and use within 2 weeks


Ensure you leave the mixture to strain overnight so you get all of the oil and herb pigments for a more vibrant colour.


I found this recipe which details the process of extracting the herb flavour into an oil.

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Herb oil Herb oil