Perfect Pasta

A perfect dough ball of pasta, whether you're rolling it into lasagna sheets or making noodles, it's the best recipe I've found.


You'll also want to hold back some flour for dusting.


  1. Chuck the lot in a mixer with the dough hook attachment (or the old fashioned way with your hands)
  2. Stop when the mixture is soft and consistent in texture
  3. Refrigerate and rest for at least an hour before working
  4. If making noodles, roll into a sheet and cut into strips with a knife


I'd recommend semolina for dusting (and additional texture) whilst working with the pasta. Add more yolks for a more silky pasta. Go easy on the cooking time as you don't want to overcook it.


Samin Nosrat (creator of Salt Fat Acid Heat) has a brilliant Pasta all’Uovo recipe which I stole the recipe from. This is pretty much that but with an extra yolk.

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